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ALLText HT/Pro

Text Editing & Display
ActiveX Component

ALLText is an easy to use ActiveX / OCX component for display and manipulation of RTF and HTML formatted data

ALLText is more than a Textbox, more than a Rich Textbox, ALLText was created by in response to a general need for more flexibilty, more power in text presentation and editing .

ALLText capablities include: Text Editing and Display, both RTF & HTML Formatting, HyperText, Word Processing, Mail Merge, Format Converstions, Enhanced Word/Phrase Search and more.

ALLText allows the programmer complete control through code, over how the text is manipulated.

[ALLText Screen Capture]
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ALLText HT/Pro helps you to look sharp!

ALLText HT/Pro On-Line Demos

Demo ALLText HT/Pro in your Browser! (NOTE: Requires Microsoft Internet Explorer)

Create your own custom Text Editor with ALLText HT/Pro! Click here to view image.

Why Choose ALLText?

  • Reliability - The first 3rd party control developed by Bennet-tec in 1992, ALLText HT/Pro has been and continues to be the choice of programmers all over world.

  • Flexibility - ALLText HT/Pro beats the competition hands down when it comes to flexibility. ALLText HT/Pro offers the programmer full programmatic access to, and manipulation of, formatted text content. Everything can be set by property as well as by direct manipulation of the formatted strings. Unlike the competition, with ALLText HT/Pro, you have control! We're smaller too, requiring far fewer resources (including those in your wallet).

  • Versatility - For fully formatted text presentation there is nothing like it. ALLText HT/Pro looks like a standard textbox on your form, but supports the simultaneous display of multiple fonts, font characteristics and colors; paragraph formatting; and even inclusion of any bitmap as the background to the control. Using ALLText HT/Pro, you can easily include a WYSIWYG edit/display text box as part of your Windows programs. The ability to highlight with colors as well as font characteristics make it the ideal choice for use in word-processing and text presentation. Add Table support, HTML support, and Extended Features support options and you have got it all!

ALLText HT/Pro Features

  • Display and edit text in multiple simultaneous fonts and font characteristics:
    • Font name and font size
    • Bold, underline, italic, strikethrough, super and subscripts
    • Colors and Custom Shadowing
  • Paragraph Formatting (for each paragraph):
    • Alignment: centered, left, right, or left/right justify
    • Margins: left and top, as well as hanging, right and bottom indents
    • Vertical spacing: space before, after, and line spacing, also Tab Stop size
  • Cut, Copy and Paste - including preservation of format between applications; cut/copy text from ALLText and paste it into Microsoft Word
  • Font Table Manipulation - Directly manage document font tables, facilitating the smooth and rapid changing of fonts; eg: change all Arial 25pt to italics in an instant
  • Background Transparency - See other controls or form images behind ALLText
  • Background Images - Scrolls background image with the document - Position it anywhere, even move dynamically - great for animation, special effects; watermarks, ...
  • Flexible Print Support - Print complete document or specified pages, EndPage event support for adding Headers and Footers, Specify margins and placement, include watermark
  • Powerful Search Search by text and / or by formatting

  • HYPERTEXT tagging on phrases - can be used for bookmarks or special fields; events triggered on Click, DblClick, and mouse/cursor enter/leave tagged phrase
  • Embedded OLE objects - great for including bitmaps, spreadsheets, or graphs. A server is needed for inclusion or editing, but not for viewing
  • Embedded Images - embed and view BMP, WMF, ICO and JPEG images
  • Data Aware - use ALLText HT/Pro as a bound control to a memo or binary field
    (Supported under Visual Basic only)
  • Absolute Tab positioning - Use left, right, and centered tabs
  • UnDo Support Undo User Changes through code
  • Full Drag and Drop support - drag and drop within ALLText, between ALLText and other controls, even between ALLText and other applications
  • Ultra Smooth Scrolling - programmably control scrolling down to 2 pixels at a time.
  • RTF support - load and save RTF files with full character formatting for exchange of files with other stand-alone applications
  • HTML Support - Optional license add-on brings RTF and HTML into one control - Even convert from RTF to or from HTML - see HTML Support description below
  • TABLE Support - Optional license add-on enables table creation, display, editing - see Table Support descripton below
  • MORE . . . - Additional features included with Optional Extended Feature License

ALLText HT/Pro License Options

HTML Support License

  • Ability to Convert RTF to HTML and HTML to RTF
  • Ability to Load HTML Files
  • Ability to parse and display HTML files or strings (file I/O support is for local files only, TCP/IP support must be handled through your own code, or from a string in memory)
  • Automatic handling of Level 1 HTML - additional VB code is required for support of images (sample VB code is included with purchase)
  • Ability to generate and save HTML Data
  • HTML Tag event triggered for unrecognized tags - allows you to extend HTML for your own use, or prepare for future versions of HTML
  • HTMLEndParsing event allows additional manipulations to be taken programmatically after ALLText parsing is concluded
  • Assign or read HTML styles for selected text
  • Retrieve anchors based on HTag references
  • Set or read body tag features - background color, etc
  • Set or Read HTML document title

Tables Support License

  • Read, Create, and View documents with fully formatted Tables - compatible with most versions of MS Word RTF
  • Nested tables
  • Embed Images and OLE Objects in Table cells
  • Add/Delete Rows, Columns or individual cells
  • Convert Text to Tables
  • Merge or Split Cells
  • Set Row Height / Adjust Column boundaries
  • Set cursor/selection to any cell(s)
  • Identify active table, row and cell

Extended Features Support License

HyperLink Recognition - ALLText can now recognize and process clicks upon Hyperlinks from RTF documents created in Word, or copied from IE or other sources
( Without this license option ALLText only supports it's own hotspotting mechanisms

Mouse Wheel Support - ALLText can now scroll via the mouse wheel. By setting the MouseWheelEnabled property users can now have full control over the scrolling function of the Mouse Wheel .

  • Printing Headers & Footers - Support for Automatic printing of Headers and Footers with the use of the Modifications property, HeaderFText & FooterFText properties and the SetHeaderFooterMargin property.
  • Displaying Printer Dialog Box - Support for choosing what printer to print to with the use of the Modifications property.
  • UnRecognized RTF Tags - Trigger events upon parsing of unrecognized RTF tags - great for creating your own proprietary tags, or for debugging invalid RTF documents.
  • Soft Page Break Display - Displays a 1 pixel thick grey line marking soft page breaks.
  • Saving PageMargins - PageMarginTop and PageMarginLeft properties, now return the values of the top margin and left margin when reading or can be set when saving RTF files.
  • FontBackColor - For setting the background color of a selected region of text.
  • Extended Hidden Text Support - To simplify retrieval of hidden text within ALLText.
  • Write Protection of Text Regions - The WriteProtect property makes it much easier to write reliable hypertext design and mail merge type apps where designer and end-user of applications should not be allowed to edit certain areas of a document.
  • Setting Default Fonts - DefFontName and DefFontSize properties allows the setting of default fonts in ALLText.
  • Retrieval of Current Text line - The function ATX_GetCurrentLineText simplifies the retrieval of the current line of text.
  • Carriage Return/Line Feed surpression - A Mask Flag value for use with the SelFType and ExtDataType properties.
  • Mouse Cursors (positioning) - Support for placing the cursor before or after the pasted text with the use of the Modifications property.
  • Mouse Cursors (changing) - UserCursor and UserHCursor properties, allows the setting of a custom cursor at design or runtime. UserCursor property is used when over ordinary text. The UserHCursor property is used when the mouse is over a hotspot.
  • Long String Properties - FText, SelFText, Text and SelText can hold long strings. Without the Extended Features Support License these properties are limited to 32k of text.

Additional Information

Versatility Counts

Bennet-Tec's ALLText HT/Pro makes you look sharp!

Copyrightę 2003 Bennet-Tec Information Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.