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Who We Are

HISTORY - Since 1992, the Bennet-Tec team has developed and delivered the highest quality software available to our clients. Drawing on over 20 years of service, Bennet-Tec recognizes the need for Quality and Reliability, and understands how to achieve that need.

LOCATION - Based in Jericho, NY - just 26 miles east of New York City, we are conveniently located overlapping most work schedules in western hemisphere time zones.

QUALITY and RELIABILITY - Bennet-Tec is the developer's developer. Bennet-Tec's off-the-shelf components are used by thousands of programmers worldwide as the core building blocks of commercial software products, and mission critical applications. Our tools are used by major software organizations from IBM to Microsoft, as well as govermental organizations from the US House of Representatives to NATO. These are groups that know and demand Quality and Reliability.

PERSONAL TOUCH - Whatever your size - Bennet-Tec believes in dealing with you on a personal level. No client is too big or too small. Yes we've worked for the fortune 500, but we're just as comfortable working with a 1 person start-up and will strive to make sure you are comfortable as well.
Communication is at the heart of success. That's where it starts and ends. You'll enjoy working with Bennet-Tec because you'll know from the start that you are important to us, and that we're listening.

What we offer - Services:

Bennet-Tec is a full service programming house addressing your needs for custom Windows, Web and Mobile applications.

We are here to take your requirements and deliver real world applications -
     - applications you can sell as your own branded product,
     - tools to help you run your business.
     - web based services to meet your clients needs
     - free utilities you can give your clients to keep you first in their mind

Most important, we're honest about what we can and cannot do. If the job is too big, requires expertise we don't have, or we simply are fully booked, we'll tell you.

  • Commercial Development Tools - Development tools such as ActiveX and .NET components that are unmatched in features and flexibility, and are designed for power and productivity.

  • Custom Software Development - Software specifically tailored to fit your needs for in house use or to distribute to your customers. The first step is to remember that computers are a productivity tool, and your business shouldn't have to accommodate the tools that you use. The tools should invariably accommodate your business.
    Our team uses the latest in software development tools, and can create any type of application, be it a complex database application, client/server solution, utility, focused on calculations or User interface.
    Our team programs in a variety of languages including Visual Basic (6.0 & .NET), Access, Visual C++/ANSI C, and more.

  • Website Design and Development - Let our expert team design and build the perfect website for your company. Our in-house web developers have an excellent handle on both the technical and marketing aspects of web design and development. We know how to capture your audience and keep them there!

    Additionally Bennet-Tec has access to specialized skills available through our design and advertising affiliates, Vanguard Software ( experts in web based modeling, forecasting, expert systems, and Communication Works (experts in graphic design and advertising), to help you realize the full potential of the Internet.

  • Mobile SmartPhone and Tablet Solutions - Ideal for field based operations - Collect data and capture customer signatures during delivery and service calls, Conduct polls and customer surveys, Provide expert system guidance and decision supprt to your service staff. Let us provide the software and hardware solutions to meet your needs.


We have completed prior assignments in the areas of:

Web Development, Drawing, Diagramming, Expert Systems, Training Systems, Database Development, WYSIWYG document presentation, Hypertext development, Custom Web browsers, On-Line Catalogs, Mapping, Arcade games, Educational software (exams and study tools), Electronic Mail, Educational testing, Graphics editors, On-Line financial systems & Order Entry (NASDAQ), Internet Games, and of course Custom Controls.

We have specific experience in the areas of:

  • Windows Applications
    • Database Development
    • User Interface Design
    • Expert Systems / Decision Support / Knowledge Base
    • Graphics - Drawing, Presentation, Interactive Graphic Interfaces
    • CBT , Electronic Testing & Exams, Exam Generation
    • Text Handling / Word Processing Systems
    • HyperText and MultiMedia,
    • Survey Systems
    • Windows Help Files
    • Interactive Diagraming
    • Customized CAD applications

  • SmartPhones / Tablets
    • Data Entry
    • Signature Capture
    • Sales Assistants
    • Specialty Calculations
    • Surveys and Analysis
    • Diagnostic Tools
    • Commercial Routing / Pickups

  • Internet / Web
    • Data Collection and Analysis
    • Business Decision Modeling
    • Forecasting Systems
    • Expert Systems
    • Graphically Interactive Web Pages
          ( Drawing, Diagramming, ect )
    • Sports Teams and Communities

  • Technology
    • Languages:
          - B4A
          - Visual Basic 6, C++, C# , VB .NET ,
          - Flash, JavaScript, VBScript,
          - Office VBA ( Access, Excel, Word automation )
          - IIS ASP , ASP.NET,
          - The Vanguard System TM / DecisionScriptTM
    • Web Servers - Smart Hosts
    • Compact, efficient code.
    • Platforms: Windows, Android Smartphones and Tablets, IOS( iPhone, iPad)
    • Components: .Net, DLL, ActiveX, COM, Java Applets, Flash

Client Feedback:

The following is typical of feedback we've received from consulting clients

    Subject: RE: Follow up on phone call - Feedback on the Project
    Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2010
    From: "Michael Kogus"
    To: "Jeff"

    It is quite amazing how much time and money we saved by utilizing Bennet-Tec expertise in programming.
    Instead of developing the whole application in house which would take many months, we were able to have a production ready prototype in just a couple of weeks. Communication process was simple and deliveries of updates were very fast.
    For a minimal investment we got a large marketing and technological advantage against our competition.

    T-List update to our application is a big hit with our users and will have a tremendous benefit in simplifying data entry and review of the current status.
    Additionally we estimate that the training of new users will be dramatically faster, thanks to the great tree tool.

    Michael Kogus, President
    Persimmony International, Inc

Copyrightę 2003 Bennet-Tec Information Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.