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Thank you for your interest in our VBX components. Please note that these are 16 bit components for use with 16 bit environments.

VBX Artist

Image Editing Tool - paint on any control on any window, paint on the picture property of forms and picture boxes, which then can be saved and reloaded at any time. Easy to use, set a paint mode property and drag the control. Tools are customizable, draw lines with varying widths, brush shapes and patterns. Patterns and shapes can be taken from a user defined bitmap or icon file. Supports the editing of Bitmaps, Icons, and MetaFiles (for object oriented editing, see our MetaDraw control). Includes a built in Screen Grabber mode - clip of any portion of the screen, or a specific windows. Includes a free copy of our PicScroll control.

Description Details Download
VBX Artist - Installation Kit Call
Manual (Word Doc Format) N/A Call


Scrollable, Zoomable Picturebox - Designed to be an ideal companion to our VBX Artist control. Data Aware - PicScroll can be bound for easy database manipulation. Three flavors of picture scrollling control - dragging with mouse, optional scrollbars, and programmatic control of X and Y offset properties. Zooming and Scaling - simply specify the desired picture size via property and the image will be stretched or condensed accordingly; the Stretch property allows automatic upon end-user resizing of the control. Drop-File Aware - one or more files can be dragged from the File Manager (or other drag-and-drop applications) and dropped into the PicScroll control. Unlike standard VB drag-and-drop support, PicScroll's DropFile event captures the filenames directly, facilitating the implementation of file processing applications.

Description Details Download
PicScroll - Installation Kit Call
Manual (Word Doc Format) N/A Call


FileIcon extracts icons from files - FileIcon automatically displays the correct icon for any document or application, simply assign the filename to a property and it's ready. FileIcon automatically reads the Windows registration database, activating the appropriate application on DblClick. Assign your own icons and DblClick events (it's just as easy).

DragDrop lets you drag-and-drop from the File Manager DragDrop is a "drop-file" aware container control converting between Visual Basic and File Manager drag-and-drop style messages. DragDrop supports dragging of file names between VB and other applications.

Description Details Download
ShellPack - Installation Kit Call
Manual (Word Doc Format) N/A Call

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