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Thank you for your interest in our ActiveX components.

All Bennet-Tec software offers a fully functional thirty (30) day trial period for you to "try before you buy", so you already have first hand experience with what you are buying before you buy it!! There are no surprises! Just quality software at a reasonable price which you get to try before you buy!!

We're committed to helping you resolve any issues you might have with our software. If you need help using our software, we're committed to giving you the help you need. We value our customers immensely. You will never be "put on the shelf."

Trial users of Bennet-Tec products are entitled to Trial Support, which includes:

  • Free evaluation assistance. We'll provide pre-sales help for questions regarding installation problems, the functionality of our products, review of your requirements.

  • No-charge latest product updates are available from the Bennet-Tec Web site for immedaite download.


Text Editing & Display - ALLText is more than a textbox; it is a fully formattable RTF text control. When it comes to text manipulation ALLText is the only tool you will need.

Control - ALLText beats the competition hands down when it comes to flexibility. ALLText HT/Pro offers the programmer full programmatic access to, and manipulation of, formatted text content. Everything can be set by property as well as by direct manipulation of the formatted strings. Unlike the competition, with ALLText, you have control!

ALLText 4.5 HT/Pro - Installation Kit
(Runs as demo until licensed)
Manual (Word Doc Format)N/A


Graphics control for Diagrams and Graphics - Ideal for Layout, Diagramming, Drawing / CAD, Image Annotation, HyperGraphic HotSpots.

Create graphic elements by mouse or code - Drag & Draw lines, circles, freehand shapes, ... Drag & Drop to move or resize objects, Zoom and Scroll, HOT SPOTS trigger HyperGraphic events, Automatic Diagram Links maintain connection between objects.

Hidden data for each element - link to a database or pop-up information on mouse events. Save to WMF, EMF, BMP, JPG, optional DXF support.

MetaDraw 3 - Installation Kit
(Runs as demo until licensed)
Manual (Word Doc Format)N/A


Grid / List / Tree - TList is a High Performance ( FAST) component designed for Flexible data presentation and data entry. TList may be presented as a List, a Tree, or a Grid, or a multi-column Hierarchic Tree-Grid, or a Tree containing child grids.

TList features include: Printing, In-Place Data Entry ( Text, DropDown, Checkboxes), Multiple Columns, Multiple Fonts, Colors , Images, Formatting by Hierarchic Level, WordWrap, Fast Search and Sort, Internet HyperLinks, Multiple Selections, Clipboard Support, File I/O, Hidden Items and much more .

TList offers a history of Reliability and Support since 1994

TList 7 - Installation Kit
(Runs as demo until licensed)
Manual (Word Doc Format)N/A


Description - TBack Pro is a very simple to use frame control you can place on a form to provide scrolling of child controls, as well as offering advanced background image support.

Scroll support - TBack automatically displays scrollbars as needed. TBack automatically scrolls when the focus changes to any child control beyond the current visible area (making sure that active controls are within the viewable area as when the user tabs from control to control). TBack allows you to scroll the form programmatically or to determine the extent of scrolling.

BackGround Support - Transparent Background (works over any non-windowed image, Picture property of a form, labels, image controls, shapes...). Gradient background or Bitmapped Background (Bitmaps may be tiled, stretched or centered), Background Bitmap may be placed above transparent or gradient background.

TBack Pro - Installation Kit
(Runs as demo until licensed)
Manual (Word Doc Format)N/A

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