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Electronic Signature Capture component

BT WebSignatureTM

    * Capture HandWritten Signatures
    for SmartPhones, Pocket PC, Tablets & Desktop PCs

    * Designed for web use : HTML, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, . . .

    * Also Suitable for standard Desktop
    and Tablet PC applications - VB, VC, Access, ...

    * Customizable presentation

BT Web Signature allows your users to sign their name ( or to draw ) within a web page or windows application on smart phones ( pocket PC, Win CE devices ), tablet PCs, or Windows desktop. WebSignature can then capture that handwritten signature and submit ( POST) it back to your web server.

WebSignature is implemented as an ActiveX component that can be embedded in either a web page or a standard Windows application. ( The control is not limited to web use – it may be also used within standard Windows applications, and signatures may also be captured and saved locally or over a standard windows network ).

WebSignature is compatible with both Desktop versions of MS Windows ( 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003 ) as well as Windows Mobile edition for the Pocket PC / Windows CE.

The signature is transmitted to the server as a set of curves. Sample ASP and ASP.NET projects are provided for recognizing the data received by the server as an image which may be then saved as an image file, stored in a database, or returned to the user in a new web page for confirmation.

WebSignature supports a set of properties to control the appearance of the signature capture window – border thickness and color, line thickness and color, presentation of a baseline, and specification of background color.

image showing Signature Capture in web form in browser on Pocket PC

Capture signatures in web forms right on a mobile device - Save authorization on Web Server.

{Click Here to test}

Web Signature Features

  • Web Support
    - Web Signature may be used for both standard Internet Explorer and Pocket IE browsers
        ( the same web page may be viewed on desktop or pocket PC )
    - Supports development in ASP, ASP.NET, and PHP
          ( please ask us about other environments )
  • Standard Windows Application Support
    - As an ActiveX, Web Signature may be used within most standard Windows Development environments,
            VB, VC, Access, ...

  • Presentation Control
    - Control the Size of the Signature capture window
    - Control the color and thickness of the signature line
    - Display or hide window boarder
    - Set Background color
    - Specify existence, style, position, and color of signature baseline
  • Signature Metrics
    - verify existance of valid signature by data points , number of curves
  • Server Submit
    - Uploads signature data to server
  • Save To Image
    - Signature data may be saved in raw form or as a BMP or JPG image

Web Signature License Options

  • Subscription Updates Option

    The subscription License Option for Web Siganture provides:

    • FREE Update Support for life to new features introduced in the current edition of Web Signature
    • FREE upgrades to major new WebSignature editons introduced within 12 months of purchase

Reliability Counts
- Look sharp - Use BT WebSignature -

Web Signature On-Line Demo

Try Web Signature in your Browser now!
      Example: Signature Capture
( NOTE: Requires Microsoft Internet Explorer, or Pocket IE on Pocket PC)

Real World Example - Web Based Signature Capture for Work Orders

For an example of real world use, visit
      Dispatched Software - Signature Capture in Work Orders.
      (NOTE: Requires IE browser on desktop or Pocket PC )
Electronic signature capture based on BT Web Signature is included as an add on to the mobile module of Dispatched - work order software. When a service technician has completed a work order, the customer can electronically sign the work order on a mobile device. The completed service ticket can then be printed for the customer or even emailed to the customer. Using the email option, your complete service operation could be paperless. Once the customer has signed, the entire work order image is captured and sent back to the office for later viewing and record keeping.
For more information visit the Dispatched Software web site.

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WebSignature Downloads

            Web Signature v3 ( latest edition )

            User Manual

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