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Data / File / Application Update Utility:

Here's something new - software that allows you to save money and increase sales.

What UpdateLive does for you!

  • Increase sales
  • Create new business opportunities
  • Cut support costs
  • Cut distribution costs
  • Reduce network maintenance
  • Easy for you to use
  • Easy for your customer to use
  • No web browser dependencies
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UpdateLive is designed to keep your applications up to date! Shipping UpdateLive with your applications keeps your software and data current, keeps the customers happy, increases sales and reduces distribution and support costs.

UpdateLive is easy to use - can be added quickly with no impact on your development cycle. UpdateLive can be configured without programmers. Ship UpdateLive with your application to insure your customers always have the latest versions of your software.

Why Choose UpdateLive?

  • The Problem - OutDated Software
    Here's the problem, you build your application, burn 20,000 CDs and a week after shipping your product, you find a bug, or you find a way to boost performance 100%. What now? Throw out the CDs? Ship them and live with support calls ? Of course you can build CD's one at a time at 5 times the cost, but once they're shipped your customer has built-in obsolesence.

  • Magic Solution
    It's amazing - UpdateLive is a utility you ship with your application and keeps your software and data current. UpdateLive can be run at the end of an install kit to check your web site for updates. UpdateLive can be run from a Start menu, allowing users to update anytime. UpdateLive can be run at system startup to check for updates on a daily basis.

  • It's Easy For You
    One - Include UpdateLive in your install kit.
    Two - Place the individual files you want kept up to date on your web server. You can also add advertising messages and update history.
    Three - When the customer runs your install kit, you call the UpdateLive utility.

  • It's Easy for the Customer
    I love it - there are No Web Browser Dependencies - Thank God. In fact no Web browser is required. UpdateLive makes its own HTTP connection to your server, checks to see which files (if any) need updating, shows the customer what's new. UpdateLive then downloads the appropriate files, creates a backup directory (to allow reversal of the process), registers any OCX's if necessary, adds desired registry entries, and runs any Exe's if necessary
  • Increase Sales
    It's a great competitive advantage. Include the UpdateLive logo on your web site and product packages, telling customers the product is kept up to date, their investment is safe and that they will always have the most recent updates/patches. This is a feature customers definitely remember! Advertising messages optionally displayed during downloads will tell the customers about your new products and services.

  • Cut Distribution Costs
    Produce CDs in large quantities without fear that inventory may become outdated.

  • Cut Support Costs
    Support costs are cut when your customers automatically get the most recent versions of your products - any patches to correct problems are in place from the start. Support costs are cut as you add to your help files and other documentation with answers to frequently asked questions.

  • Open New Business Opportunities
    Update data - not just applications. Imagine subscription sales for the latest information for users in your field.

  • Reduce Network Maintenance
    Within an organization UpdateLive insures that everyone on the corporate network is working with the same up-to-date versions of software and data. Bennet-Tec designed UpdateLive to meet its own needs - keeping our ActiveX components up to date on programmer machines.

Additional Information

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Bennet-Tec's UpdateLive makes you look sharp!

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