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TList:     List - TreeView - Grid Component

TList TM

       For Data Presentation and Data Entry

TList brings the maximum in flexibility and power to developers looking for a reliable grid, listview or treeview component for structured data presentation and data entry.

TList is great for: manufacturing pick lists, checkbook registers, idea organizers, concept development, customer lists, reporting and the list goes on. For a professional application, it's the tool to use.

TList integrates seamlessly with Visual Studio applications, from VB 6 to VB.NET, C++ and C# as well as most other environments supporting either OCX or .NET components; FoxPro, Access, Delphi, and web based IE applications
As a result, you get an easy-to-use, robust grid, list or tree component to create user-friendly interfaces that meet your development needs.

TList makes you look sharp!

Tree Grid with alternating rows
Click for additional screen shots showing
TList as TreeView, Grid, TreeGrid, List

Why Choose TList?

  • Reliability - the most critical consideration for any 3rd party control. TList, used by programmers around the world since 1994, is the Reliability leader.

  • Power / Flexibility - Offering both data presentation and data entry, TList allows you to arrange data as a multi-column List, Tree, Grid or Heirarchic Tree-Grid for optimal organization of your critical information. TList's support for formatting with icons, colors and fonts is ideal for easy end-user recognition. TList's support for in-place editing ( Text, Checkboxes, Combo, Calendar) provides an easy end-user interface as well as flexibility in data selection and validation. TList makes it easy to Drag & Drop, Save and Reload Data, Print, and offer Restricted Data Views. Please check out some of our screenshots.

  • Performance - Blazing Speed - TList is the fastest control of its type on the market today. Supporting HUGE data sets at blinding speeds, TList can actually load over 10,000 rows per second on a simple 200 Mhz machine. For really huge data sets TList offers an easy-to-use Virtual List support. Compare us to the rest!
  • Support - In addition to our free support options, Bennet-Tec offers a range of enhanced support possibilities including Training ( by phone or even on-site), Code Writing, even Customization of TList to meet your needs.

TList Features

  • ActiveX and .NET Support
    TList is available in both ActiveX and .NET editions.

    TList 8 OCX is our most recent ActiveX edtion.

    Designed for support under Visual Studio ( Visual Basic, VC++ ) editions 4 thru 6, as well as Delphi, C++, FoxPro, Access, Internet Explorer ( used on Web pages) , and other environments providing ActiveX support.

    TList .Net WinForms 2 designed for Visual Studio 2005 / 2008 is a true, native .Net component - easy to use, with familiar syntax for existing users of TList OCX editions. ( .Net 1 compatible eedition also available )

    Get Both
    One familiar interface you can use in both worlds.

    Users purchasing the Subscription License option with TList 8 OCX automatically receive a FREE license for TList .Net WinForms as well as any other TList components That may be released over the coming year.

  • One Control - Many Views
    Show as a List, a TreeView, or a Grid
    Also supports combination -
    • Multi-Column Tree within a Grid
    • Grids as Children of Tree items
  • Full Featured Tree support
    • Expand to Level- Expand/Collapse entire tree to specified level of hierarchy. ( and TList supports thousands of levels )
    • VisualRoot - Restrict view to specified tree branch
    • MS TreeView Syntax Option
      TL TreeView wrapper included with TList 8 OCX provides syntax compatibility for MS TreeView users.
      TList gives you a choice - Fast native TList syntax, or use the TL TreeView wrapper for familiar MS TreeView syntax.
    • Hierarchic or Item Based Control Format items, Specify Pictures, Specify Sorting by Level or item by item
    • Word Wrapping
    • Single or Multi-Colum Tree
  • Full Featured Grid support
    • Present as flat or hierarchic grid, individual rows can have child grids.
    • Enhanced Navigation Support
      – Excel Style Navigation between Grid cells
        while editing
    • Hide or show row/column headers
    • Hide or show grid lines / Set grid line style
    • Hidden rows and columns
    • Multi-line word wrapping within cells
    • Distinct colors, fonts etc for every cell
    • User resizable rows and columns
    • Specify cell borderstyle
    • Text and images in each cell
    • Identify row/column clicked on
    • Parse delimited strings to/from multi-column rows of data
    • Reorder columns
    • AutoSize columns
  • Pictures , Pictures, Pictures
    Distinct images for each row, each grid cell, category pictures ( independant of heirarchy), Selection Pictures, Background Pictures, . . . more.
  • Hidden Fields
    Each row in TList can hold multiple named hidden data values - Strings, Numeric value, or even Pictures - TList can also search, sort, or simply to hold extra data such as database record pointers.
  • Non Scrolling Columns
    Freeze specified columns on the left while horizontally scrolling columns to the right
  • Enhanced ToolTips support
    Custom tooltips for each grid cell plus enhanced tool tip styles and events

  • FAST ! Huge Data Sets !
    Holds over to 2x10 6 items in a list.
    Add 20,000 rows/second Real Mode, (with just a 200 mhz pc ) Or - Instant Performance Virtual Load.
  • Printing / Report Generation
    Headers/Footers, Zoom or Shrink, Column Titles on each page, Page #'s.
    Flexible yet Easy - just one line of code.
    Bold, Italic, Underline, C O L O R S !
    * * Even RTF RichText Formatting !

    Format by Row, Grid Cell, Column, or Hierarchic Level.

  • File I/O , Data Storage
    Save or Load all data and formatting with just one line of code. TList data files can replace Databases for many applications. Of course it's easy to load from a database as well.
  • Background Image
    Can be tiled, centered, stretched, etc.
  • Transparent or Gradient Background
    Great for multimedia.
  • 3-D Gridlines and 3-D Treelines support
  • Clipboard Support
    Cut and paste via the clipboard. Even paste the Tree (text only) into a word processor.
  • Categories
    Assign items to distinct categories, independent of tree structure.
    Hide or show any category.
    Display category images.
  • Multiple Selections
    Select with mouse or keyboard. Selected Array allows easy access to all selected items.
    Selection Modes for grid users - Full Row or Single Cell.
  • Restricted Selections
    You can limit which items users can select !

  • Drag & Drop
    Drag between controls or within TList. TList automatically scrolls the control during drag & drop.
    Automated Drag and Drop Support
    No code is required to drag and drop within TList or between TList controls.

  • Multi-Line Word Wrapping
    Up to 32,767 characters per item.
    Pictures can be aligned with the top, middle or center of the text lines.

  • Sorting
    Sorts by Branch or by Heirarchic level.
    Sort by any column ( or even Multiple Columns), or by hidden data.
    Sort options include Case Sensitivity, Alpha / Numeric sort, Parent Nodes first . . . and more

  • Searching
    Searches visible text in any column or hidden data values. Find complete strings, substrings, or starts-with.

  • Internet Support
    Associate a URL with each item. Add TList to your web pages, or control IE from within standard EXE applications.

  • Design Time Support (ocx edition only)
    List/Tree/Grid data and formatting may be set up at design time in WYSIWYG mode (no code required using TDesigner - right click on TList on form and select Properties).
  • In-Place Editing / Built-in Editors
    Built-in support for
    • Text Editing
    • Checkboxes
    • Drop-Down Combobox
    • Date / Time Calendar

  • Subscription License / TList Feature Expansion
    TList licensing options now include a Subscription License Option. 
    For details go to

A History of Quality and Performance

- TList -

The choice of developers since 1994.

Additional Information

Reliability Counts

Bennet-Tec's TList makes you look sharp!

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